6 Best Methods To Become Smarter

The scientists’ forecasts from the University of Virginia made people worried, whose age is slightly above 27. It turned out that from this moment our memory and our cognitive abilities start to worsen. Do you want to keep the clarity of your mind till retirement? Use these safe and proven methods.

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#1 – Read Books

1Your teachers didn’t lie when they said “Reading is the best learning”. The information we get nowadays from the mass media and social networks is segmented and mixed with info graphics. Therefore, it makes it much easier to perceive the information. The consequences are that our brain doesn’t work that intensively to process the information, so it becomes less flexible, and we become less erudite.

#2 – Train Your Memory

2Here are best tips to train your memory:

  • Don’t prepare a list of what-to-buy when going to the store;
  • Try to count the check sum in your head;
  • Learn poems by heart;
  • Find new routes to familiar places;
  • Learn new languages.

#3 – Drink Coffee

3This method is the one for people who have no counter-indications to consuming coffee-products. Caffeine stimulates the production of dopamine and noradrenaline – neurotransmitters, which are responsible for vivacity, level of energy, intellectual productivity, and the sense of satisfaction. You may increase your mental potential by drinking 3-4 cups of natural coffee.

#4 – Write

4The habit to write long and thoughtfully can help you formulate your thoughts better. Besides, it helps to analyze the occurrences of the surrounding world, to increase your vocabulary size, and will help you remember important events from the past. For this, it is enough to start your own blog or to keep a diary.

#5 – Play Chess

5The chess has been considered the game of wisemen in all ages. It can stimulate your logical, abstract, and strategic thinking. It also teaches to make forecasts, tip somebody’s mitt, and take decisions quickly. All of these skills will be of service to you in everyday life improving your memory and attention.

#6 – Communicate With People

6Even an absolute introvert needs some interaction with the society from time to time. Communication with friends and strangers forms a special intellectual type – an interpersonal one. We learn to distinguish the mood and wishes of the surrounding us people, take more reasonable and rational decisions, work more effectively, avoid conflicts and earn a reputation of a competent and nice person.

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