Latest Native Styles For Guys 2019

Fashion continues to move forward, and there are already plenty of latest native styles for guys 2019 that can inspire you to rock cool new outfits. Find out which Nigerian men’s traditional fashion styles simply can’t be missed this year!

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1. Ankara styles for men

Guys couldn’t stay away from the Ankara craze dominating the Nigerian fashion, which is why a large part of native style for male are beautiful Ankara styles.

Your men native wear doesn’t have to be exclusively made from Ankara – even a small Ankara fragment is enough for making a fashion statement.

Black and white colour palette is an essential component of men native fashion and in this look it’s executed flawlessly.

It takes a bold man to rock different Ankara styles for men in one outfit, but this dapper man certainly knows what he’s doing. The hat and the sunglasses couldn’t be more perfect as a finishing touch.

Nigerian guys are happy to share their latest Ankara styles for men with the special ladies in their life, which is why we can see so many examples of matching Ankara fashion for men and women.

Looking for the perfect men native style to wear to a casual party on a particularly hot day? Then one of the Ankara styles for male consisting of shorts and a shirt is exactly what you need!

2. Senator styles for men

Several years ago Senator native designs, together with Ankara styles for male, revolutionized the Nigerian fashion for men and continue winning more and more guys over.

Modern Senator wears are stylish, affordable, and can be easily altered or decorated to match the tastes of even the most demanding wearer.

A popular way to make any latest Senator design, even a solid-coloured one, more fashionable is to add colourful accents – for example, a subtle pocket square that will make you look like the most dapper man in the room.

It’s not too common to use brown colour in native wears for guys, but a chocolate-coloured Senator outfit with matching lacquered loafers can be a great choice for work, party, or a casual outing with friends.

If you’re on a search for Nigerian traditional attire that will turn you into a best-dressed man anywhere you go, consider a crisp white Senator suit that you can accessorize with black shoes for a trendy contrasting look.

Polka dots is another trend of fashion in Nigerian traditional styles that is rare to come by, but the execution of this Nigerian mens wear style is absolutely flawless!

3. Atiku styles for men

Atiku styles for guys are one of the newest trends in men’s fashion – unlike the Ankara designs for men, Atiku appeared not long ago but has already won the affection of millions of guys.

Most Atiku latest native styles for men are solid-coloured, but the occasional barely noticeable pattern certainly can’t hurt, especially if it’s the timeless stripes.

An all-white Atiku is a fantastic choice of men’s native wear styles, but a contrasting pocket square truly elevates the whole look.

Next we have one of the best examples of monochrome Atiku latest native styles for guys – this deep turquoise colour will look just fantastic at a wedding.

The singer Jidenna has done a lot to popularize Nigerian latest native styles for guys 2017, and the blue Agbada he wore to the Grammys was one of the best looks of the night, getting everyone to talk about Nigerian fashion.

Atiku outfits are a popular choice for weddings and other important events, which is not surprising – they’re the perfect mix of high fashion and comfort, and they will look just perfect with your date’s outfit!

4. Kaftan styles for men

Nigerian male kaftan styles are currently fighting for the affection of fashion-forward guys, and, for many stylish Nigerian men, kaftans are already winning!

A crisp white kaftan with striking green and yellow embroidery and matching embroidery on the trousers – what can be better for a handsome guy who knows exactly what to wear to make an impression?

White and pink is a colour combination we don’t often see in mens kaftan designs, but that’s what only makes the next look so fashionable and inspiring.

Sometimes men’s kaftan styles sport truly breathtaking design features – for example, delicate embroidery that looks like a work of art on its own. The colour palette of this kaftan look will make any man or woman jealous!

In case you’re looking for a more casual version of a traditional Nigerian kaftan to rock with a pair of your favourite jeans, consider a popular pattern like horizontal stripes in classic black and white colours.

5. Agbada styles for men

Agbada is, perhaps, the most versatile Yoruba native style for men – it’s so popular that even ladies can’t keep from rocking gorgeous Agbada outfits.

White or ivory Agbada with stripes and coral beads is a classic wedding look for a man that you can never go wrong with!

A beige Agbada style for men with golden embroidery may seem like a too monochrome outfit for an important occasion, but with the right accessories you can definitely make this look work!

Many of the latest Agbada style for guys are total black outfits, complete with black hats, shoes, and accessories, and it’s not surprising – black suits every man and looks great in any situation.

White Agbada styles are the complete opposite of black Agbada only when you look at the colour wheel – other than that, white and black Agbada for guys is an equally good choice for any occasion.

A lot of work goes even into the simplest Agbada style, not to mention the breathtaking Agbada  designs that feature stunning embroidery. With a beautifully embroidered Agbada you don’t even need other accessories – let your outfit do the talking!

Many long and short Agbada for men feature fragments of other popular fabrics – it can be lace styles for men, Ankara, or another Nigerian favourite, the colourful and stylish Kente that is a great choice for native wear.

Rich, deep jewel-toned outfits are all the rage in this year’s Nigerian fashion for men, and this monochrome amethyst-coloured Agbada is guaranteed to impress everyone if you wear it to the next event. And check out those glittering loafers with metallic toes!

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