How To Tie A Durag & Benefits Of Wearing One

A durag is both one of the common types of head attire for black men, but it’s also one of the most mysterious one. If you have always enjoyed the way a durag looks but don’t know why wear it besides looking stylish or how to tie it the right way, here is everything you need to know.

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1. Benefits of wearing a durag

A durag has a long and complicated history that has not always been positive for the black community, but over the years, the meaning behind the durag, or do-rag, as it’s also known, has changed. Today, a durag is a stylish man’s accessory and can be very helpful in some cases. Here are just some of the benefits of wearing a durag:

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  • Hair maintenance. Wearing a durag over your braids, waves, or any hairstyle you prefer, will help you maintain the style for a long time without it losing its texture or look. Plus, if you are using hair care products to improve your hair, a durag can be essential, since it will allow the products to fully absorb into your hair.
  • Sun damage. If you are often going out in the sun but haven’t found the perfect hat to keep on your head at all times, your hair may be sustaining a lot of sun damage. A durag is a simple and elegant solution to this problem and you can have a different durag for each outfit.
  • Workouts. At one point, durags have been particularly popular among athletes thanks to its ability to prevent the hair from getting into your face or flying all over the place. It is now rarely used professionally, but you can still take advantage of its ability to hold your hair and absorb the sweat from your forehead.

2. How to tie a durag

No matter where you buy your durag, its construction is likely going to be more or less the same. At the same time, there are dozens of ways to rock a durag for different occasions. Some of those ways will require you to have some experience and skills, while others a perfect for beginners.

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Currently, one of the most popular ways to tie a durag is to use the ski mask style that has been gaining waves on the internet. It’s undoubtedly cool and has been popularized by numerous celebrities with a huge following, but even if you go for the easiest way to tie your durag, you will still get some major style points. Check out this video with all the durag tying styles you can try right now!

How To Tie A Durag In Different Ways | Tutorial

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