Ankara Skirt And Blouse Style: Pick Your Favorite

As every Nigerian fashionista knows, there are dozens of ways to rock your favorite Ankara print, from gorgeous evening gowns to swimsuits, bags, and shoes. However, Ankara skirt and blouse remain the most popular kind of Ankara style.

The biggest benefit of Ankara blouse styles is their ability to match nearly every outfit and occasion, which makes them more versatile than many of the clothes owned by ladies. Check out the trendiest ways to wear Ankara skirts and blouses!

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1. Nigerian blouse styles

Buying a separate Ankara blouse rather than a suit gives you a big advantage: you are free to choose whichever skirt or trousers you believe will look best in this outfit. It’s possible to create both formal and informal looks with an Ankara blouse. Here are some of our favorite ones.

Matching blouse

If you’re looking for a blouse to pair with your favorite skirt or pants, choosing a matching garment is a great way to achieve an elegant look.

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ankara skirt and blouse styles

Nigerian blouse styles

Contrasting blouse

An effective way to spice up your favorite skirt is to choose a blouse in a contrasting shade to create the trendy color block effect.

Contrasting blouse

ankara skirt

2. Ankara skirt styles

An Ankara skirt can become a wonderful addition to your wardrobe for many reasons: it’s very flattering for any body type, it’s suitable both for formal, casual, and office looks, and it can become part of many of the latest Ankara skirt and blouse outfits.

Maxi skirt

If you get a floor-length Ankara skirt, you can wear it for so many occasions, including weddings. And even if you have several weddings to attend, you can wear the same skirt and pair it with different blouses to create a fresh look every time.

latest Ankara skirt and blouse

Ankara skirt and blouse

Short skirt

If you want to create a more playful and youthful look, nothing works better than a fashionable Ankara knee-length skirt and your favorite blouse on top. Here are some knee-length Ankara skirt and blouse styles.

 Ankara skirt and blouse styles

 Ankara skirt and blouse

3. Ankara blouses on jeans

Jeans is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. We wear jeans to work, parties, and while walking around the city. If you’re bored with the usual jeans and t-shirt pairings, why not enhance your jeans outfit with a trendy Ankara top? Check out some ideas on how to achieve a stylish look.

Ankara blouses on jeans

nigerian blouse styles

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