How To Make Fabric Roses: Top 11 Video Tutorials!

According to legend, when Aphrodite came out of the sea, the foam from her body turned into beautiful white roses. And when the goddess ran to the grove where her lover died, she hurt her feet on the thorns, and the flower turned red. So there were scarlet roses!

How to make fabric roses? Oh, that’s easy… And, by the way, it’s very interesting!

Fabric roses can be used in interior decoration, as the dress decoration – and even as a gift!

Let’s find out how to make fabric flowers for dresses – check out the tutorials below!

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1. How to make fabric flowers: Making the pattern

If you have not found ready-made patterns of petals, then you can draw them yourself, using the ruler and pencil.

An ordinary circle can also serve as a pattern. It is made with calipers or by circling around a glass, cup or any object of a round shape.

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2. How to make rose with cloth: Choosing the fabric

Almost any fabric of any density (organza, silk, satin, chiffon, crepe de chine, velvet, flax) will suit for creating the flower.

It is advisable to choose a natural material because it stretches well and it will be easy to corrugate it.

3. How to make fabric roses for dresses: Dying the petals

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It makes sense to dye the flowers you need to achieve maximum naturalness of it. Aniline and confectionery dyes, ink, “Rainbow”, gouache and photo painting will suit for that.

You can dye the whole piece of fabric or each petal separately.

How to do it:

  • First, you need to moisten the petal with water and lay it out on the glass.
  • Use the brush to apply the desired shade.
  • To make the shade brighter, dilute the dye with the cologne.
  • The alcohol also allows the fabric to dry faster.

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4. How to make rose with cloth step by step tutorials

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  • Rosebud

A beautiful rosebud looks perfect both standing on its own or if used as the central element of a rose flower.

How to make Rose buds

Uploaded by crochetfit on 2016-10-25.

  • Ribbon rose

DIY Ribbon Rose – How To Make Rose Buds Out Of Ribbon

Welcome to my blog: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on G+ : If you are looking for how to make silk ribbon roses you will find my way useful and really beautiful. My DIY roses look natural and they are easy to make.

  • Satin Ribbon Rose

Satin Ribbon Rose | How to make satin ribbon rose | Satin Ribbon Flower

Satin Ribbon Rose | How to make satin ribbon rose | Satin Ribbon Flower | Flower Hair Clip For Kids: Here we have used satin ribbons in pink and green. Felt sheets are used to attach the rose and the leaves to the clip.

  • Folded Rose

Folded Rose Diy, Fabric Flower Tutorial, fabric rose, Shabby Chic flower, no sew rose

Welcome to my Channel I am glad you visited. I hope you are inspired by my videos. I enjoy teaching, designing and being frugal in the process. My agenda for tutorials and other shares are based on my subscriber and customer interest. Please comment below any video I try to respond as quickly as possible.

  • Chiffon rose

DIY chiffon rose,fabric rose tutorial,how to make

Hello everyone,i am so excited to share this video with you. How to make fabric rose,chiffon rose.i am using chiffon for this flower,but you can use any other soft fabric.This diy rose is my favorite flower to make.i hope you will enjoy it too.

  • Easy Ribbon Rose Brooch

How To Make an Easy Ribbon Rose Brooch

EBAY GOOGLE+ WEBSITE PINTEREST How to make your own easy ribbon rose brooch!

  • Wash Cloth Rose

How to Make a Wash Cloth Rose

Quick and easy DIY wash cloth rose with stem. Easy tutorial shows you how to craft these great flowers for decor, gift giving and parties from Satsuma Designs

  • English rose

English rose from fabric/Inglés rosa de tela/Английская роза из ткани

Hello, dear friends! Today, consider the option of an English garden rose. Doing it is not difficult.

  • Rolled Rose

DIY – How to make Rolled Rose from Satin Ribbon | Cara membuat Mawar | Tutorial | Easy Beginners

DIY – How to make Rolled Rose from Satin Ribbon | Cara membuat Mawar | Tutorial Rosebud | Easy Beginners Material : Satin ribbon Untuk cara membuatnya silahkan simak di video yaa 🧐 Terima kasih sudah menonton 😘👍 Salam kreatif !

  • Cloth Napkin Rose

How to Fold a Cloth Napkin Rose

Hoteliers Talk

  • Kanzashi ribbon rose

DIY How to make kanzashi ribbon rose (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #473

Today I will show you fast and easy way to make kanzashi rose out of ribbon. This video contains ENGLISH SUBTITLES (as all of my videos). On PC you can turn them on by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner of YouTube player.

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