Pros And Cons Of Eloping

Wedding is something most of us look forward to all our lives. However, some people decide to skip the traditional wedding celebration in favour of eloping. So is eloping a good choice for your couple? Check out the pros and cons of eloping right now!

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1. What is eloping?

Before you decide whether you and your future spouse should elope instead of having a traditional marriage, let’s find out what eloping actually means. The concept of elopement dates back to the old times when couples who couldn’t get married due to various legal and social reasons ran away to get wed somewhere no one knew them and with no one around.

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Today, couples who elope are not necessarily running away. In fact, most modern couples who choose eloping inform their families in advance. Plus, eloping doesn’t mean the ceremony is going to include just the two of you. Small wedding ceremonies, where the only guests are the parents of the bride and the groom and a few of their closest friends, also qualify as elopement.

Pros and cons of eloping

2. Pros of eloping

With so many couples going for eloping instead of having a traditional lavish wedding, this type of marriage ceremony obviously has some strong pros:

  • Stress-free. If you have ever taken part in planning a traditional wedding, you know how stressful and time-consuming this experience can often be. With an elopement, the stress component is entirely taken out of the planning process. All that matters is your love!
  • Budget-friendly. A traditional wedding is often such an expensive adventure that couples have to save money for years, borrow from their family members, or even take a loan from the bank. Elopement is a much more affordable option. You can get away with only paying for the legal documents and buying wedding rings!
  • Destination wedding. Have you always dreamed of getting married by the ocean, in the woods or in the mountains? The good news is that planning a destination wedding with just the two of you is much easier and cheaper than doing it for 20, 40, or 100 people!
  • Family disagreements. Even in the 21st century, it is not uncommon for the parents to disapprove of their child’s personal life choices and wedding plans. If this happened in your life, you can elope without telling anyone and only informing your family after the fact.

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Pros and cons of eloping

3. Cons of eloping

While an elopement works great for many couples, it still has some cons you need to consider:

  • Hurt feelings. The parents of your couple and your close friends are going to be hurt and possibly disappointed if you choose to get married without telling them. They can even hold a grudge for years and resent your new spouse because of that.
  • Wedding dreams. Most girls grow up dreaming of their big wedding day, and even if they make the decision to elope, they still sometimes think about the wedding that might have happened. If you’ve always imagined a fairy tale wedding, elopement may turn out to be a source of disappointment.
  • Memories. Wedding photography is an integral part of any ceremony, and even after decades pass after the wedding, couples still love to look at the beautiful photos and remember their special day. When you elope, all you may have in terms of photography is a couple of smartphone photos from the office where you two got married.

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Pros and cons of eloping

4. If you choose to elope

The cons of elopement we listed above are hard to argue with, but there is one easy way to get the both of both worlds. Many couples today go for an intimate wedding ceremony just for the two of them and their parents, and then have a bigger reception for their extended family and friends. This option is less budget-friendly than a true elopement, but you get to enjoy the intimacy of the event without hurting anybody!


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