Secret Tricks To Find Cheap Plane Tickets!

Usually, human psychology works this way: most often we think about buying tickets just before the flight. But it’s not only you who plan their travel plans on Saturday!

And, as you know, demand forms supply. A huge number of inquiries that air carriers get automatically raises prices for airline tickets.

Now we will share with you the top 7 secret tricks to find cheap plane tickets for your next trip!

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1. Choose the «right days»

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Monday and Tuesday are considered the best days of buying cheap flight tickets.

If there are a lot of unsold tickets for your flight so far, the beginning of the week is the best time to get a chance to get them at the lowest price!

2. Look for the tickets using the incognito mode

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You will be surprised, but your personal data is taken into account when the air tickets pricing is calculated. For example, such factors, as the welfare of the country you are and from, and even the cost of the gadget influence the ticket price!

In order to avoid this, simply turn on incognito mode in your browser – then search engines will not be able to determine your geolocation and type of your device!

3. Subscribe to a tour operator’s newsletter

Ticket prices change every day, and sometimes every hour!

You do not need to check the price change daily or hourly – just subscribe to the newsletter. Set the destination and time of departure, set the size of the desired discount or maximum price – the robots will send you a letter as soon as the ticket price falls to the desired bar.

You will be able to save up to 10-40%!

4. Buy tickets in advance

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Most of the experienced travelers know this rule. The earlier you buy tickets before the departure date, the cheaper they will be!

The difference for short-haul flights can be quite big, but the price for long-haul flights will not fluctuate much.

5. Choose the right dates of departure and arrival

The days of departure and arrival affect the price of air tickets mostly.

Usually, everyone is looking for flights on the weekend, but on weekdays the prices are much lower!  Well, sometimes you can even find the cheap direct flights on the weekend.

6. Choose flights with transfers

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It is believed that a direct flight is always better than the one with transfers. We are here to dispel this myth!

First, flights with transfers are often cheaper. Secondly, it is an opportunity to explore the city!

You can dock flights yourself, stopping in a transit city even for a day or two. Especially this method works well when traveling to the Schengen countries.

7. Buy hot tours just to get the tickets!

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Last-minute tours allow you to make good savings. Often, the tickets to the most popular resorts are very cheap: a full tour package sometimes is cheaper than the air ticket, if you buy it separately.

In this case, the flight will always be direct, and, as a bonus, you will get accommodation, transfer, and insurance. This is worth using!

Feel free to buy the cheapest tour to the most run-down hotel for the sake of a round trip. Nobody makes you stay in a 2-3-stars hotel – book yourself a good one and stay there!

You can save about 20-40%!


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