Nigerian Wedding Cakes – Ideas for 2019 Weddings

A wedding cake is an integral part of any wedding ceremony and something every guest is waiting for during the event. The photos of your cake will remain with you forever, so it’s very important to choose the right design for your wedding. Here are 20 latest Nigerian wedding cake ideas for your inspiration.

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1. Cake #1

The intricate design of this wedding cake is so gorgeous and delicate that you will probably feel bad for a minute about having to cut it!

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2. Cake #2

Some couples prefer to go for the perfect match and make their wedding cake closely resemble the colour scheme of their wedding.

3. Cake #3

Drawing on cakes is becoming a bigger and bigger trend in cake design of 2019. We are also in love with the flawless geometry of this creation.

4. Cake #4

Traditional wedding cakes with authentic Nigerian designs will never lose their popularity, so now is as good time as always to order a traditional cake for your nuptials.

5. Cake #5

An all-white wedding cake is not the most exciting choice of a design, but the silver decorations make this cake far more interesting.

6. Cake #6

Want your wedding cake to carry special meaning that is only known to you and your future spouse? Ask your cake artist to write something only the two of you know!

7. Cake #7

We are delighted by the colour combination in this cake: it looks both perfectly festive for the occasion and ideal for a summer tropical vibe.

8. Cake #8

White, pearls, and a subtle floral decoration on top – if you are planning a classic white wedding, this is the cake you need to consider.

9. Cake #9

We didn’t expect to see such a lively shade of green used in a wedding cake, but we have to say that we absolutely love the result.

10. Cake #10

The combination of turquoise and fuchsia is one of the most popular ones in Nigerian wedding wear, so it was only a question of time before it would make it to wedding cake trends.

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11. Cake #11

The both elegant and authentic design of this wedding cake makes it a perfect choice for a small and intimate wedding with a native theme.

12. Cake #12

The bold colours of this traditional Nigerian wedding cake certainly left a lasting impression on the guests of the ceremony.

13. Cake #13

It’s not often that we see such intricate decorations in cake design. Knowing that this is done 100% by hand only makes this cake more special.

14. Cake #14

This Kalabari wedding cake has everything we love about traditional Nigerian cake designs: the authenticity, the unusual colour combinations, and the lifelike styling.

15. Cake #15

The irregular shape of this wedding cake may seem like an unusual choice, but there is a good chance that it is matched by the bride and the groom’s quirky personalities.

16. Cake #16

When we think about the amounts of workmanship that went into designing this wedding cake, we can’t help but feel tremendous respect for the baker.

17. Cake #17

We don’t know what we love more about the next cake: the incredible presentation or the flawless design, complete with feathers for an extra photogenic look.

18. Cake #18

A traditional white cake with gold decorations and colourful purple accents is not only a perfect fit for the wedding aesthetic, but also a very trendy choice for 2019.

19. Cake #19

The designer of the next wedding cake clearly deserves some kind of an architectural award for the stunning construction of this creation.

20. Cake #20

The red rose design of this wedding cake is both breathtaking and self-sufficient – you don’t really need to see any other decorations on this flawless cake.

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