How To Postpone Or Cancel Your Wedding

Cancelling or postponing a wedding is something that happens very rarely, but now, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, more couples have had to move or scrap their wedding plans altogether. Here is how to postpone or cancel your wedding the right way.

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1. Make the ultimate decision

The final decision on whether to hold your wedding as planned, cancel it completely, or move it to another date depends on a lot of factors, but most importantly, the COVID-19 situation in the country at the time of the event. If your wedding is still two or three months from now and preparations are already underway, you may want to wait until more updates to the coronavirus appear – the situation may not be as dire then and you may able to hold your wedding, even at a smaller scale. However, if your wedding is sooner than that, you may need to think and act quickly.

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2. Contact your vendors

Typically, planning a wedding requires you to work with numerous vendors, from the managers of your wedding venue to the person who will bake your wedding cake. Once you have decided whether you want to put off or cancel your wedding altogether, the first phone numbers you should be dialling are the phone numbers of your vendors.

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If you are cancelling the ceremony completely, you need to check your contracts – there may be a clause dedicated to the possibility of a cancellation and you may even get some of the money back. If there is no contract and all negotiations have been done orally, contact them anyway, inform them of your decision, and see if they are kind enough to offer even a partial refund of the money you have already paid.

Postponing a wedding is an easier procedure when it comes to talking to the vendors. First, you need to contact your venue manager to see which dates are available during the time you want to hold your wedding. Then, after choosing the new date, contact other vendors to inform them of your plans and set the new wedding date. There is a good chance they won’t even charge you any additional money and will simply move the preparations to the new date.

3. Inform your guests

Postponing or cancelling a wedding is, undoubtedly, a difficult decision, and you may want to put off talking to the vendors and negotiating to a later date. However, the sooner your figure out the new details and dates of your wedding, the sooner you will be able to inform your guests, and the more guests will be able to make it to your wedding ceremony.

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If you have invited your guests to the event by email, it’s best to send another email with updated information and ask your guests to confirm they have read the email and either agree to come to the postponed event or will not be able to attend at all. In case of a cancellation, you should also ask the guests to confirm they have read the email and accepted the news, so that there are no misunderstandings.

4. Plan something special for the old date

Postponing or cancelling your wedding is a sad decision, but even if it seems like it will negatively affect the relationships in your couple, it doesn’t need to have that negative effect. A good way to lift your and your significant other’s spirits is to plan something special on the old date of your wedding.

It can be something just for the two of you – for example, a nice romantic dinner at home for the two of you. If the social distancing requirements are lifted by the time your wedding was supposed to happen, you can invite a few of your closest friends and family members to celebrate your love one more time before the new official wedding date arrives.

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