10 Nigerian Foods That Help Burn Belly Fat

One of the most life-changing things you will ever learn about weight loss is that you don’t need to stay hungry all the time in order to get to your goal weight. You need to keep your stomach full, but with the right products. Here are 10 Nigerian foods that will help you lose excess fat from your belly.

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1. Apples

Apples are one of the most popular diet food for three reasons. First, you can eat apples every time you have a sweet craving without the fear of overeating. Second, apples make you feel full while containing very little calories. Third, apples are rich in pectin, which makes your digestion slower and suppresses your appetite, allowing you to eat not as often as you normally do.

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2. Chilli peppers

Great news for the fans of spicy foods – chilli peppers not only add a delicious kick to ordinary foods, but also get you closer to your dream body. Chilli peppers are rich in capsaicin, which acts as an appetite suppressor and speeds up the fat burning process in your body. Moreover, chillis contain vitamin C, beta-carotene, and lots of other nutrients for your health.

3. Eggs

When you try to lose weight or are simply watching your diet, there is no better breakfast food than an egg or two. Eggs are some of the most balanced products in Nigerian cuisine: there is a lot of protein, a little healthy fat in the yolk, and a variety of nutrients that maintain your health and aid your weight loss process.

4. Yams

You may think that yams, like other starchy vegetables, lead to weight gain rather than weight loss, but, according to the leading diet experts, yams are great for burning excess fat. Not only do yams cook fast and taste fantastic on their own or with any protein and sauce, but a small amount of cooked yams will keep you full for a long time and prevent you from overeating.

5. Garlic

Garlic does not make you lose weight directly. However, it is essential not only for spicing up your food and strengthening your immune system, but also for helping your digestive tract process foods more effectively. As a result, you get more nutrients from the same amount of food and can easily avoid overeating, achieving your dream body faster.

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6. Chicken breast

Chicken is a fantastic source of lean protein and you can introduce chicken to your diet in a variety of ways. However, not all chicken meat is equally good for your figure and health. The best way to enjoy chicken without worrying about gaining weight is chicken breasts: they are very lean and contain little to no fat on their own.

7. Coconut and olive oil

We are used to thinking about oils as the number one thing that makes us fat, but it’s only true about certain oils. Some oils, including coconut and olive oil, not only don’t make you gain weight, but also help shed excess fat where it matters the most. Substitute your regular cooking oils with olive and coconut oil, and soon you will see the difference in the way you both look and feel.

8. Ofada rice

Regular white rice is tasty, affordable, and versatile, but it can also lead to a weight gain, not belly fat loss. Your ideal alternative is Ofada rice, or brown rice – it tastes just as good as white rice but is filled with complex carbohydrates, which keep you full and help you meet your nutritional needs with a small amount of food.

9. Cabbage

With most foods, you still need to watch how much you eat no matter how good they may be for your health. However, cabbage is a completely different story. This humble vegetable contains just 22 calories per cup, which means you can eat as much cabbage as you need to feel full while still consuming very few calories.

10. Dark chocolate

Life on a diet can get frustrating, but at least you can always have dark chocolate to cheer you up. Dark chocolate is one of the most diet-friendly foods: in addition to its great taste and flavour, chocolate is also a valuable source of healthy fats, which positively influence your metabolism and kickstart the weight loss process.

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