See The Weirdest World Records Ever In The World Guinness Book Of Records

The Guinness Book of World Records is an annual edition that showcases the most unusual, impressive, or simply silly records from people all over the world. Since Guinness World Records started over 60 years ago, there have been thousands of records that can easily blow your mind, and here are 10 of the strangest ones.

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1. Most tattooed person

In 2006, an Australian man called Lucky Diamond Rich was included in the Guinness Book of Records for having the most tattooed body in the world. 100% of his body, including his mouth and the inside of his eyelids, is covered in tattoos, which took over 1000 hours to create.

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2. Most skips in 24 hours

We are used to thinking about rope skipping as an activity for children, but there are people in the world who do it professionally. However, none of them is as successful as Hijiki Ikuyama, who set the new Guinness world record for the biggest number of skips in 24 hours – he skipped 150,000 times in one day in 2018.

3. Shortest living horse

Guinness World Records rarely get cuter than this! In 2018, the world found out about the shortest male living horse – Bombel from Poland, who is only 56.7 cm tall. Bombel lives happily with his family, but also often visits children’s hospitals to cheer up the little patients.

4. Longest moustache

Since 2010 and thanks to the Guinness Book of World Records, we have known the man with the longest moustache in the world. The winner in this category is Ram Singh Chauhan, an Indian man whose moustache measured at 4.29 meters when the record was set.

5. Most apples crushed with the bicep

This is certainly one of the weirdest things to do with apple, but it also takes a lot of talent and strength to crush these delicious fruits with your bicep. For an Australian man called Drew Mitchell, this challenge proved completely doable – in 2016, he crushed 14 apples in 1 minute using only his bicep.

6. Biggest collection of rubber ducks

Even the biggest fans of rubber ducks probably have no more than 10 ducks in their collections, but that is nothing compared to Charlotte Lee from the US. In 2011, she set the world record for having the biggest collection of rubber ducks with 5,631 toys displayed in glass cases at her home.

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7. Most consecutive pinky pull-ups

For millions of people in the world, doing even one regular pull-up is already an unbearable challenge, so imagine how difficult it must be to do pull-ups using nothing but your pinkies! This is exactly what Tazio Gavioli from Italy did in 2018 – 36 pinky pull-ups in one session is definitely impressive.

8. Longest jump by a cat

We all love our little furry pets, but it’s even nicer when they get on the Guinness Book of World Records. The US-based cat called Waffle The Warrior set a new world record in 2018 for the longest jump performed by a cat: the 10-year old cat made a whopping 213.36 cm jump.

9. Most cans opened by a parrot

There are some Guinness world records that only look weird to some people, but there are also records that are 100% weird no matter how you look at them. In 2012, a Californian parrot called Zac The Macaw opened 35 cans with his beak in one minute, setting a brand new world record that remains unbeaten.

10. Fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta

If you think you’ve been so hungry before that you could down a plate of food faster than ever, you have an amazing record to beat. In 2017, a US-based woman Michelle Lesco ate a whole bowl of pasta in 26.69 seconds. This record was set during a charity event, which only makes it more special.

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