Successful Business On Jiji: High-Selling Products

We have repeatedly written about how profitable and easy it is to use the biggest free classified ads website Jiji to advertise your commercial offers – goods and / or services.

However, in fact, in order to start selling something successfully, you need to clearly understand what specific products are in demand at the moment.

And we’ll help you with that!

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Sell your products effectively and quickly on Jiji, advertise your services for free in front of the audience of more than 10 million visitors per month – and tomorrow your potential customers will call you!


In order to get a general idea what products are in demand right now, you can always open Jiji’s main page – – there you will find a constantly updated list of goods categories which are now at the peak of their popularity.

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But in order not to be in the red in sphere of goods sale, a more in-depth analysis of market demand should be undertaken.

We analyzed the data from Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics, as well as from such respected editions as Forbes and Observer.

And here’s what we have found.


Top 50 fast-selling products in Nigeria

(the end of the year 2016 and the forecast for the beginning of 2017)

  • Candles – are bought in large quantities both by event-companies and individuals for their home decor and for parties.
  • Power banks: are perfect if you want to avoid being stuck in a difficult situation with an empty battery!
  • Memory cards: because there is no such thing as too much storage space for your important files!
  • Apple stuff: everybody loves apples, because an apple a day keeps the doctor away! All of the brand products are popular – iPhone, iPad, Apple watch.
  • Earphones: are in constant demand with the lovers of good sound.
  • Decoders: DSTV, Startimes, Gotv, etc.
  • Car trackers: When you need to track your unsuspecting driver’s whereabouts.
  • Wireless server: everybody would like to finally forget about the annoying wires while taking advantage of their favorite indispensible devices!
  • Hair extensions:  both hair extensions and wigs are in demand.
  • Watches: various chronographs, quartz, mechanical, digital watches, stopwatches, spy watches – so you could easily take any of the niches.
  • Cameras: Who does not need to capture important and beautiful moments such as weddings, birthdays, seminars, etc.?
  • Solar energy products. Alternative sources of unlimited energy are our future!
  • Printers:  printing out documents, business cards, invitations to important events is an integral part of our everyday life.
  • Scanners: to scan documents in offices.
  • Phone screens: people drop their smartphones so often!
  • Beehives: for bee farmers.
  • Vacuum cleaners: because a clean house looks comfortable and presentable.
  • CCTV cables: needed to secure a location from theft.
  • CCTV cameras: security cameras – banks, hotels, and businesses always need this stuff!
  • Projectors: for presentations, summits, visuals at parties, showing movies etc.
  • Phone solar panels: excellent and ultra-modern way to charge your smartphone anywhere!
  • Clothes: decide what kind of clothes you would like to deal with – either exclusive expensive clothing from leading brands or affordable clothes for everyday-day wear? You will benefit in both cases!
  • Shoes: Adidas, Nike, Giuseppe Zanotti, Puma, Christian Louboutin, Versace, Zara, Balenciaga, Timberland – with these brands you will not regret it!
  • Fashion bags: any girl would kill for a fashionable handbag!
  • Fabrics: for looking good at Owambe parties!
  • Beds: comfortable sleep is the key factor for a productive tomorrow.
  • Underwear: to feel comfortable everywhere at any moment!
  • Lawn mowing machines: a well-groomed lawn or a garden can provide us with a beautiful view from the window!
  • Computer Accessories: a real must-have for a functional computer or laptop.
  • Cookers: so our beloved women could make us happy with their cooking masterpieces!
  • Motor parts: So our cars remain on the roads and not in the garage. Even mechanics need those.
  • Tricycle parts: For our Keke Marwa / tricycle owners to remain in the transportation business.
  • Generators: until the situation with electricity gets stable, people will buy generators for their offices and homes!
  • Motorcycle parts: for our millions of Okada riders.
  • Electronic home appliances: every good husband will always try to make the housework easier for his wife!
  • Car batteries: “I love it when my car battery refuses to start”, said no car owner ever.
  • Car stereos: so drivers could have something to listen to if they get stuck on the road during a rush hour.
  • Electrical equipment: for distribution systems in large buildings and powering other important objects in the country.
  • Clinical equipment: no clinic of the country can do without these products!
  • Musical instruments: you will have as many customers as there are talented people in the country!
  • Building materials: your customers will be landowners and construction companies of all sizes!
  • Women’s make-up kits : this product will always be requested as long as women exist!
  • Sports kits: for everybody who is fond of sports and fitness.
  • Laboratory equipment: for hospitals and other health-related institutions.
  • Toys: with toys you will have customers as long as parents exist!

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